Summer merchandise is often a big part of a brand’s range of promotional products and very popular with most niche markets. Most brands realise that families will be planning family outings and get togethers over the summer. Finding ways to connect with them, whilst they’re active, is paramount for a brand’s long term success. It’s true that we don’t always have the luxury of time but with this knowledge in mind, allowing for product sourcing and design should happen well before they are needed, preferably in winter, for more possibilities to be available and considered.

Branded merchandise can be a great way to cut through to the end user and can even become sought after promotional items, when the right range of promotional items is matched with it’s intended market.

Identifying the preferences and tastes of a niche market can make all the difference when selecting promotional items that resonate with the user and are therefore kept for extensive periods of time.

Promotional campaigns can have extended longevity based on the correct usage of promotional items or giveaways during it’s execution so consideration of all options is necessary well before the launch of the campaign.

It may be that the merchandise will be used during a popular sport’s event such as rugby league, soccer or cricket and becomes embed in that particular sport’s  psyche as an essential ‘must have’ item for the season. It could be as simple as a custom branded, cap, shirt or cooler bag or maybe something more unique and representative of the brand. Depending on required dates promotional items can be sourced directly from offshore factories for additional customisation and lower unit prices depending on volumes.

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