Is your company looking for a Corporate Uniform that will consist of a wide range of items that will suit all team members and be appropriate in a variety of situations? Our sales consultants can provide suggestions that will fit most budgets and be there throughout the whole process including the Fit Out stage. Explore the benefits of a Corporate Uniform and enjoy a positive company image.

There are many benefits to a company uniform however, organising a new uniform range can feel overwhelming for the staff members responsible. At JEM Promotional Products we like to work with our clients to offer solutions beyond just providing uniforms and merchandise. Whether it is implementing an online merchandise management system or sourcing and producing custom made products our team is always going above and beyond for our clients. We know uniforms can be a lot of work but we hope that we can share the workload with you by using our uniform fitout procedure below. Check out some current corporate uniform suggestions that will assist in the selection process.

Extensive Uniform Range

JEM Promotional Products have an extensive range of uniform options. Whether it is a basic business shirt or all the way to a complete suit we have options and styles to suit every budget and style. Many of our styles also coordinate so that it is possible to build a story with your uniform and have matching options for all levels of the business. Our suits come in a variety of fabric options and we have different matching styles for men’s and ladies. We offer uniforms for a range of industries including corporate, healthcare, hospitality, retail and workwear.

While we have some examples of uniform items available on our website for you to browse through if you are organsing a complete uniform we recommend that you complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page so that one of our consultants can get in contact with you. We will then arrange to have an initial meeting where we can bring samples and some virtual mock-ups to your office to get some initial feedback on.


As part of your uniform we are able to produce custom made scarves, ties, cuff links, tie bars and name badges. For workwear uniforms it is possible to have work boots, hard hats and even tools. Other accessories including belts and luggage are also available.

Fit Out Day

As your staff will be required to wear their uniform each day it is important to make sure the fit of their garments are correct and that they are feeling comfortable and confident. As an added service JEM Promotional Products is able to organise a fit out day or multiple fit out days depending on the number of staff you have in your organisation. We will bring a range of styles and sizes for your staff to try on. We do ask that some staff memebers from your organisation are able to assist on the day as your employees may feel more comfortable explaining their requirements to them.

If your staff receive an allocation of funds they are able to spend on uniforms each year it is possible for us to create a Catalogue of items available with prices available for them to browse through prior to the fit out day. This will enable them to come to the fit out day with an idea of what they will potentially be ordering. We even have a template order form that we can provide you with if your organisation does not already have something set up.

JEM Promotional Products will bring change room tents, mirrors, racks and tape measures. All we require is a large air conditioned room that will be available for the fit out days. Normally a boardroom or training room will be sufficient but keep in mind if your sizing days are scheduled over a few days or even weeks these rooms will not be available for use.

We normally allocate approximately 20 minutes per empoyee. One of our staff members will organise all the different styles to be tried on and then we ask that your staff member write down the selections, alteration requirements and any other notes. If your employees receive an allocation of funds your staff member will need to calculate on their order form whether they are under or above their allocation. If they are above their allocation they will either need to change their selection or arrange payment for the additional items.


Our uniforms come in an extensive size range with most ladies options available from a size 4 to a size 22. It is even possible to make larger uniforms in the same material depending on the style and lead time available.

For regional offices it is possible to have sizes sent via courier however the individual staff members will need to responsible for determing their sizes and what alterations will need to be made.


All items in your uniform range can be branded so that your uniform is eligible to be on the Clothing, Textile and Footwear Register. We have a variety of decoration methods available but we do find embroidery gives the best finish in most situations. If you would like a more subtle effect it is possible to embroider your logo tone on tone.

For more information please read our article on the Tax Benefits of Company Uniforms.


On the fit out day we will determine whether any alterations need to be made to the garments. As we are branding the items we will have all the alterations made so that when your uniforms are delivered they are ready for your staff to wear. Alterations have a set price and are seperate to the cost of the uniform.