The Year 12 Advisers at St Johns Park High School came up with a brilliant invitation idea for this year’s Year 12 Formal invites.
They approached us at the end of July shortly after we finished their Yr 12 Graduation Jackets, requesting some Snow Domes to be used as formal invites for the students.
I thought this was a marvelous idea and got on to it right away, but it had to be kept as a BIG secret.
At JEM we have a stock snow dome that allows you to insert your own artwork into the dome (it can also be used as a photo frame).
The idea was to insert the invite on one side and a cute image on the other. Once it was given to the students they were able to insert their own picture into it.
My Graphic Designer and myself created the invitation and found some very cute ‘formal’ pictures for the teachers to choose from.
All the designs were fabulous but they decided to go with these two:St Johns Park High School Year 12 Formal Invitations
So once the design was chosen we sent it off to our printers for it to be printed and die-cut into the snow dome shape.
The domes and inserts were then sent back to us – they turned out so well but the final step was for the team at JEM to insert 310 snow domes which took approximately 2 hours and 13 minutes!
The final result was defiantly worth it…
Snow Dome Invitations
Snow Dome Insert Formal Picture
The Snow Dome invite was packaged in a nice white cardboard box and were given to the students after they returned back from their Term 3 holidays. The response was terrific, it was defiantly a a great surprise for the Year 12 students.
If you are after something different for an invitation please contact the team at JEM on (02) 8205 1334 or email us on

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