We’ve come to the end of the football season and it’s time for the Grand Final.  In some cases for a second time.  So why not use our promotional products to promote your business at the biggest games of the year.  The NRL Grand Final clash between the Dragons and the Roosters and the AFL rematch between Collingwood and St Kilda are almost here and The NRL have officially sold out, filling the stadium with 82,000 supporters whilst the AFL are expecting 63,000 attendees, 52,000 being club members.  So why not prepare for the day with the things others forget such as Ponchos if its wet, Personal Summer Fans if its hot, Sunscreen for those bald heads and red faces or make a bit of noise with Cheering Sticks.

Football Poncho
Football Poncho

These are a great way to advertise your company at the game.  Supporters are able to carry it around on their wrist and when necessary open it up and pull out their full sized poncho.  A lot of supporters forget to take ponchos to the game or don’t expect the weather to take a bad turn.  Printing your company name and logo on the outside will receive a lot of exposure and people will think of your name when they wear the poncho.  Light weight ruby ball case with wrist strap. Holds 0.02mm PE poncho.
270 x 65mm
Brand Methods
Branding Size
45 x 35mm
Personal Summer Fan
Personal Summer Fan

These personal fans are great on hot days at the footy.  Place your company name on the side and watch hundreds even thousands of people cool themselves down whilst holding your brand name in the palm of their hand.  They can take it home and keep it until the next time they need a handy summer fan.
Promotional Sunscreen
Promotional Sunscreen

Print your brand name on these handy bottles of sunscreen and protect the crowd from roasting in the sun.  A very high protection sunscreen lotion which has been specially developed to provide very high protection from the sun. It will assist in blocking out UVA and UVB rays. It may assist in the prevention of some skin cancers and contains moisturisers to reduce the drying of skin.
– No Mess, No Fuss. 40ml Tube

Maximum Print Size:
Minimum: 100
Cheering Sticks
Cheering Sticks

Make some noise at the game and cheer the players on using these Cheering Sticks.  Place your logo and company name on one side and write team names or sayings like ‘go team’, ‘try’ or ‘no try’, anything you like.  These colourful Cheering Sticks are very popular for Events, Product Launches, AFL, NRL, NBL and the list goes on.  A very visual and cost-effective Promotional Product.

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