Many of us have seen the benefits of using the internet to research products of interest and even to purchase those items when we perceive that they are right for to us. These practices have enormously changed the way we all do business and accessibility to a wide range of products at the right price can be a great benefit. On the negative side sometimes the benefits associated with sourcing products from local businesses can be lost because it is easy to become just a number when ordering online. The most noticeable difference is the lack of a relationship between customers and suppliers if ordering online. Sure, many of us don’t feel the need to devote valuable time to developing business relationships, when what you are ordering is a standard item such as a book or music CD.

The real difference is when ordering products that are customised to your needs or even standard products that are decorated with a company’s branding or artwork. In the Promotional Products industry many companies have opted for the easier option by displaying a wide range of products on their website and even showing prices online. Instantly, they will attract a certain amount and type of clientele by taking this approach but what are they really saying when they choose this mode of doing business? Important questions have to be asked for potential clients in the process of considering the two options.

Pitfalls associated with online ordering:

– Is the online company, not wanting to take on anything that will be too time consuming?

– Are they not set up to function outside of standard products sourced from a catalogue?

– Are they who they say they are?

– Do they display a street address and other important company details or just a PO Box number and address?

– Is the company part of an association such as the Promotional Products Association (APPA) that requires them to adhere to a code of conduct?

– Is the consultant a trained professional with marketing knowledge and showing an understanding of the real benefits of using the appropriate promotional product and correct branding?

– Is the company willing to provide guarantees and replacements of any faulty products?

Benefits from sourcing promotional products from local companies:

– Relationships (meeting your sales consultant and getting to know each other on a professional level)

– Ability to meet and understand the client’s needs (seeing previous promotional products or meeting to design new products in readiness for manufacturing)

– Ability to deliver fast turn-around on (locally warehoused) urgent items (many times our consultants personally deliver to Sydney locations including the airport when deadlines were very tight)

– Less transportation/freight costs.

– Less impact on the environment by sourcing locally ( minimise your carbon footprint by sourcing and ordering local products whenever possible)

– Promotional Products Sponsorships (giving back to the community but also benefiting from brand exposure in the local area).

At JEM Promotional Products our goal has always been to understand our client’s needs and to be able to meet their expectations whenever possible. In 2011 JEM Promotional Products is celebrating 10 years of existence and are proud of our track record of ethical business activity. There are many benefits associated with ordering through a company such JEM Promotional Products but the most obvious is that of reliability. As part of our industry’s association we are active in maintain standards and even going further than expected by our clients. We are innovators in sourcing products both locally and off-shore, that are new to the market but our main and focus is to always provide high levels of customer service. We do this through having trained consultants who understand our clients’ needs and expectations. Being located in the Sydney region we are also able to have access to the benefits of doing business in Australia’s largest city. Most products enter Australia at our local ports making for easier distribution both locally and nationally. Also many of our clients are within driving distance so we aim to meet with them and get to know them and their specific needs whenever possible.

We are also proud of the many team sponsorships we have undertaken over the last 10 years. Supporting local Sydney sports teams and charities has brought us much pleasure in being associated with good causes and local sports clubs. Ultimately, it is all about the basics when it comes to success in the business world. Good customer service never goes out of style so that’s always a good place to start when seeking new suppliers. Judge them by their response to your queries and speed in coming back to you with answers. Do they do go out of their way for you or do you have to chase them? Do they suggest products that maybe you did not enquire about but may be better suited for the purpose? Seeking good suppliers preferably in the local area that you can meet with and verify their credentials and then maintaining those good business relationships is also the key. They will be there when the others are unable to be contacted. Your promotional marketing and events will have a better chance to be the success they are expected to be and less unexpected issues will arise.

The added benefit by doing business locally is that there is some reduction in a company’s carbon footprint, which is a big focus nowadays. As we all learn more about our activities and the impact on the environment sometimes simple measures such as local sourcing can make a big difference. Less freight charges is also a benefit to the bottom dollar if one less step is removed from the transportation costs.

Please contact JEM Promotional Products on (02)82051334 or for more information on our wide range of promotional products and how we can be of service to you for all your promotional products needs.

Maria Cabral

Director JEM Promotional Products

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