Promotional Products work
Promotional Products work

Promotional Products are one of the most exciting forms of Advertising. They are the only form of Advertising that can touch the 5 senses – sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. If we compare Promotional Products to the other forms of Advertising you will understand what I mean about Promotional Products touching all 5 senses:
Radio Advertising: You can hear the advertisement on the radio but you can’t see, taste, smell or touch it
TV Advertising: You can hear and see the commercial and although you could touch the TV I don’t think that really counts!
Online Advertising: You can hear (sometimes), see and sometimes touch the advertisement. You may not be able to touch it physically but many more advertisements are becoming more interactive with the consumer being able to click on it and be taken to a new webpage.
Print Advertising: You can see and touch the newspaper or magazine
Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker
Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

Now let’s compare these examples to a promotional products example. One of the most popular promotional products is branded confectionery. A popular Christmas gift is a Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker that is branded with your company details and message as well as filled with your favourite confectionery. In this example we could even brand the lollipops. There is plenty of space to put your message on the shaker and your logo on the lollipops. The best thing is that your customer gets to completely interact with their gift. They can see the product, taste the lollipops, hear the lollipops shaking inside the Cocktail shaker, smell the yummy sugary sweets and best of all they can touch it too by eating the lollypops.
Now our recommendation is not that you stop using the other forms of advertising completely and only use Promotional Products, at JEM Promotional Products we understand the importance of using a mix of advertising methods as customers need to be reached in various ways depending on their preferences. Our recommendation is that you try and incorporate the use of promotional products in conjunction with whatever other advertising method you are using at the time so which ever sense your customer is missing out on promotional products can fulfill that. e.g. include a promotional product as a Gift With Purchase on the front cover of the magazine you are advertising in, the reader will definitely take more notice of your ad when they get to it if they have just received a free gift with you. On radio you could have the first 10 callers that respond to your advertisement get a free gift. There is always a way to incorporate Promotional Products into your campaign.
Want to learn more about how Promotional Products work? Check out our Promotional Resources section on our website which has Articles and Videos you can look through. To speak to our team about incorporating Promotional Products in your advertising campaign please contact us on (02) 8205 1334 or

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