There are some promotional items that are consistently popular all year round but sometimes we can take for granted how valuable they are as promotional products. We may even hold back when putting together a range of merchandise for a client’s brief. In part because we may think that the client may interpret it as the laziness on our part because they are so common. However, when you think about it these items are staple promotional products that offer great value for money and are useful items that suit most brief’s. They are great as gift with purchase items or as gifts for memorable occasions such as graduations or employee long service celebrations.

One of the fantastic benefits is that pens and keyrings are useful items that are kept for a long time so the promotional benefits are enormous. No one throws away a nice pen or keyring!

So take a moment to review printed plastic pens, laser engraved metal pens, and laser engraved metal keyrings and see them through objective eyes. They will provide great value for minimal investment.


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