We laughed when a magnifying glass came flying out of Inspector Gadget’s hat but are multi-function “gadget” products more practical than we think? Just look at our mobile phones, they have everything…Phone, Camera, MP3, GPS, Emails and the list goes on. What if we could create the ultimate pen with a pencil, high-lighter, laser pointer, note-taker, USB…you get my drift. Well this promotional product below looks like it could be on its way to the ultimate gadget pen.

The Mini Pen DVR Camera is a Multi-function USB Pen DVR Camera that you can wear in your shirt pocket for concealed recording. You know, just in case you need to do some under-cover work.

Features: AVI colour real-time video recording and voice recording with built-in rechargeable battery

Dimension: 150x150x15mm

Weight: 30g

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