There’s been a lot of talk lately since the main supermarket chains moved away from giving away plastic shopping bags to their customers. It certainly made an impact on personal shopping habits which have not been fully accepted by most shoppers.

The biggest complaint seems to surround the fact that you no longer can spontaneously shop for groceries without having to buy shopping bags. More often than not when shoppers pop into a supermarket with the intention of purchasing just a few essential items, it often turn into a much bigger shop than planned. This behaviour is beneficial to the supermarket but is infuriating to the shopper who now has to buy more plastic bags to add to the ones left behind at home.

Some cynics have gone as far as questioning the motives of the supermarkets when the alternative bags are still made of plastic. Had the supermarkets opted for

Bio-Degradable Shopping Bags or natural fibre shopping bags they may have encountered a more positive response from shoppers.

A great alternative to shopping bags is to have a Car Storage Organiser which means that shoppers can push their trolley to their car and unload the groceries straight into their car. There is less time wasted packing bags and no more worries relating to forgotten shopping bags!

Please don’t hesitate to contact the team at JEM promotional Products for more information on Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags and Car Storage Organisers.


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