Most of us know that there many additional customisation options available when ordering custom made promotional items such as specific fabrics and tailoring but many overlook the many branding options that can only be done at the point of manufacture.

Embroidery can be much more than flat stitches on fabric, especially when 3D embroidery is utilised. Vibrant colours can look amazing when combined with 3D effects.

Screenprinting can be done prior to a garment being sewn so an all over effect can be achieved which is not possible once a garment is assembled. Seams can limit the ability to screenprint right to the edge of a garment so

Digital Heat Transfers can be a very effective way to apply a logo to many promotional items. A four colour printer is utilised to print the transfers and then heat is added to adhere it to the item. Digital heat transfers are particularly suited to Water Proof Jackets.

Raised Silicone Heat Transfer is a way of branding logos that create a premium look for the finished garment and adds that extra bit of logo definition.

Laser Etching is subtle way to brand many promotional items and is really effective for a tone on tone look when used on clothing. One of the many benefits is durability of the branding after many washes.

Embossing and Debossing is another subtle way to apply a logo or artwork onto leather or even fleece.

Applique is a way to utilise felt and other fabrics as part of the branding for a premium finish.

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