Cosmetic bags are a small, simple bag that is convenient for all occasions.

I’m almost certain that all the ladies out there will have some sort of cosmetic bag lying around their bathroom or even in their handbag.

What makes it better is that it can be customise for promotional purposes such as getting your brand exposed to the public.

Every three months I purchase Lancome cosmetics and they have special FREE gift promotion each time you spend over a certain amount. There has not been once where Lancome has not handed out a cosmetic bag to go with their products. Every 3 months or so they hand out a cosmetic bag filled with facial cream, lip stick and eye shadow with their logo either laser engraved on the badge or screen printed on the front.

Using this effective idea – once the customer has finished using their products they are left with the cosmetic bag which is a reminder for them to go and purchase more. Lancome’s cosmetic bags are never the same; they are fresh and funky which customers can’t resist but to purchase more products to get the gift bag.

At JEM we have been able to source some unique cosmetic bags which are very different and new to the market. With popular styles, designs and patterns these bags will definitely work as a great sales incentive or purchase gift.

These cosmetic bags can be personalised to your meet your requirements. We also offer an offshore option which allows you to create a cosmetic bag to your choice of colour, style, design and pattern.

For more information about these customise cosmetic bags please contact us on 02 8205 1334 or send us an email to


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