Events come in all shapes and sizes and often need to appear seamless to the attendees. The venue, food, entertainment are all important but so are the usage Branded Promotional Products. Often the branding will be subtle but nonetheless it will be there and each promotional item will build on a theme and assist in the re-enforcing the brand and the company’s image.
Questions need to be asked from the very initial stages of planning and often the answers will set the tone for the event.
1) Budget
2) Attendees
3) Attendees special needs
4) Entertainment
5) Promotional Gifts
Naturally the location will have a large influence on the event and especially important is the special consideration regarding if it’s held indoors or outdoors. Indoor events are by far the most predictable in outcome with a controlled environment which assists in keeping the event on track.
Timing is naturally crucial when it comes to food and entertainment so that consideration is particularly crucial to the overall success of the event.
The other important consideration is what is the goals for the event? Is there a message or theme that needs to be built on? This is the area that promotional products really come into their own. Branded Promotional Products can play their part by being just about everywhere during the event.
Branded decorations are a good  starting point with items like Christmas Decorations or even inexpensive Balloons or even Stage Banners depending on the occasion. Tableware such as plates and glasses can also have branding even if just subtly done. Taking it further some of the tables can have logos or artwork screen-printed for that extra bit of brand exposure.

Branded Wine Glasses
Branded Wine Glasses

Product Launches can also benefit from having a Gift Bag with information on the product and a complimentary Promotional Gift. the Promotional Gift is quite important because it is the link to the event and must continue the marketing message even after the event is over. Interesting Promotional Gifts such as Customised USB’s can be considered if it is in keeping with the event. For instance, if the event is to launch a new car, then a Customised USB can be created as a virtual model, practically identical to the real thing but with the added bonus that the details on the new car is saved in the USB for clients to take home with them. It is highly likely that the USB will be used and the information viewed.
Customised USBs
Customised USB's

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