New Financial Years provide new challenges, in the form of new projects and usually much needed budgets. It’s time to set in place marketing campaigns, which will provide lots of activity in the the second half of the year and in particular Christmas.

Marketing campaigns can take many forms such as Gift With Purchase, Loyalty Programs or Mass Giveaway. These campaigns can compliment other forms of marketing such as Print Media, Radio Advertising and TV Commercials. Promotional products are tangible reminders of a brand or service and result in the longest logo recollection from any target market. Even a small budget can be effective if the promotional item is truly reflective of the brand and offers a useful function.

Many marketers are in the planning stage, at the moment, as they identify specific markets and design the appropriate campaign. I’s a case of ensuring you understand your market and tailoring a merchandise program to suit that market.

In the case of Millennial marketing it is imperative to understand that most the younger generation is gadget conscious or accessories that enhance the use of those gadgets. In particular smart phones are the key because of the proximity to the individual.
Promotional Items such as Mobile Phone Wallets, Selfie Sticks, Power Banks, Smartphone Holders, Virtual Reality Glasses, Speakers and Headphones are just some popular merchandise items that have enormous appeal to the younger market.

So July is the ideal time of year to implement the marketing campaign be it a GWP or a Loyalty Program and launch it as soon as possible, in the lead to Christmas and the busiest time of year.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)82051334 or for more information on any of the promotional items in our range.

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