Cheeseboards have to be some of the most popular gift items this season. It must have something to do with the Australian lifestyle and the way we entertain. There’s a relaxed casual approach to the way we live so cheeseboards fit right in with the way we prefer to live and entertain. Cheeseboards are sought gift items after and have a high perceived value so are sure to be appreciated at end of yera celebrations. They look fantastic when branded with logos or an individual name so personalizsing the cheeseboards make them even more attractive to the recipients.

Our Oban Acacia Wine Plate Set comes in a Set of 2 beautifully crafted acacia wood wine plates. Perfect for enjoying and sharing your favourite wines and appetisers. Acacia wood is known for its unique and natural contrasting patterns, no two units are identical. They are presented in a premium book style gift package.

Colours Available: Acacia

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