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Strategic Approaches to Business Event Marketing


“Business events are at their most powerful when they are part of an integrated go-to-market strategy. Integration sounds logical, but how do you actually pull it off? First, you have to have control—or at least influence—over all the elements of the marketing mix. That’s a given. Then, you must develop a sound strategic approach to business event planning. Among the most productive strategies are those based on:

  • the customer’s buying process
  • quarterly (or periodic) sales objectives
  • target audience

Business Event Planning Based on the Customer’s Buying Process

Fortunately for marketers, most business buyers follow a fairly well defined process as they evaluate options and make purchase decisions. In some companies, the process is so well defined that it is codified, and prospects will share with you the exact steps they must go through to buy. The more marketers understand the buying process of their prospects, the more efficient they can become with their selling processes. The secret is to map the selling activity to the prospect’s buying process stage.”

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