JEM Promotional Products have decided to add a series of articles relating to Small Businesses to our Resources library. Our first article is on Promotional Marketing Tips for Small Businesses. Here is a sneak preview:

One of the most important things when starting a new business is to get yourself known in the market place so that you can hopefully start getting some customers. Many companies attack this front on and start putting all their money into marketing and advertising. Unfortunately, this sort of spending in the early stages would probably be one of the reasons that many small business find it difficult to survive.

There is just too much initial outlay with little immediate return. While it is important to get your business known it is also important to ensure the longevity of your business by spending wisely. Your priority should be on getting the most bang for your buck, which means making sure that you use advertising and marketing mediums that won’t cost you a fortune and that will generate positive results.

Your marketing and advertising needs to have two focuses – Lead Generation & Customer Retention. There are some basic Marketing strategies you can use that not only cost very little but are also effective. The first two methods relate to Lead Generation and the third technique relates to Customer Retention.

1. Letterbox Drops

2. Direct Mail Campaign through Australia Post

3.Thank your clients

For the full article follow this link to the Promotional Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on our website.

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