JEM Promotional Products have added yet another article to their Resources library. The topic of this article is how Promotional Products are the best source of Marketing Support for Franchises. Below is an excerpt from the article, to read the full article please go to our articles page.

There are many challenges faced when part of a Franchise. Each franchise location is owned by a different individual with set ideas on how things should be done, in particular with Marketing & Advertising. Due to the nature of franchises there are guidelines set by the Franchisor restricts individual franchisees from advertising so as to protect the brand, therefore the process of Marketing Support can become quite complicated.

If the Franchise has locations all over Australia each area will have a different set of demographics and so it is difficult to find a form of Marketing Support that will benefit each Franchisee equally. Take newspaper advertising for example, if the Franchisor puts an advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald how will it help franchisees located in Western Australia? Even if the franchisor made a further attempt to be fair by advertising in each local newspaper for the region the franchise is located in each newspaper has different circulation and readership levels so some areas will still benefit more than others.

Branded Promotional Products are the only form of Marketing Support that supports everyone equally. Many Franchises run in-store promotions where…

If you own a franchise chain you may also be interested in reading about our Online Merchandise Management Systems for Franchises.

Franchises are in a unique situation when it comes to creating a merchandise program; most individual stores have a different owner each with their own opinion on how the business should be run. One of the biggest challenges with franchises is ensuring that franchise owners adhere to the guidelines set by Head Office so that there is consistency across all the stores. If you take a fast food chain for example the menu is always consistent because customers expect to find the same range available at all the stores. The same should be applied to your merchandise range.

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