Think, what are the two items that fans jump scream and fight over while watching their all time favourite band on stage?

The drumsticks and guitar picks of course!

Here at JEM we can supply your band with their very own personalised guitar picks.
We sell the best guitar picks used by musicians all over the world. We can print full color in vivid detail. Bundle them in clamshell Packs or individually – the choice is yours!

But what are your fans going to do with guitar picks if they are musically challenged? Well we have the solution!!
Put your personalized guitar pick on a key ring!

The pick keyring also comes with a mould of a guitar, how awesome is that!
Now your fans can carry your name around with them everywhere!!!

Now i mentioned before the drumstick, at JEM we came across this new product that will get your fans into the beat of things. You know the type of person, the type that picks up a pair of pencils and does an impromptu drum solo, like they’re playing to a crowd of thousands- not a water cooler and the photocopier? Pander to your fans fantasy with these perfectly formed and personalized drumstick pencils!

Pretty self explanatory, your fans can keep writing and drum away to your beat until their hearts content whenever the moment takes them. Excellent for your musical fans or those who want to pretend to live the rock star dream – “I’m with the band”
For more information for any of the product shown above or if you are interested in getting any other band merchandise for your next gig please contact the team at JEM on 02 8205 1334 or send us an email to For more band merchandise ideas check out our myspace made specifically for bands:

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