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Proudly Australian made, using biodegradable glues, inks and recycled boards.

Seeds are glued onto a biodegradable cardboard stick. The natural glue holds the seed on to the stick acting like a protectant ensuring the highest germination possible. Each seed stick cover is designed to your requirements.

Seeds on Stick 5 pack

Each pack comes with full colour pint inside and out on 100% recycled gloss or matt board.

Great for:


Customer rewards

Direct marketing campaigns

Prospect calling

Thank you gifts

Lightweight and easy to transport

Complete with seeds and growing instructions

Customise as low as 250 units

Cover printed to client’s requirements

Pack when folded (mm): 40 (W)*50 (H)

How to Grow

Fill your pot with seed raising mix. Dampen the soil with a fine spray. Leave to soak for a few minutes. Tear off each individual seed stick and push point first into the soil mix up to the printed depth line.

When your seedlings emerge leave the seed stick in place it will give the young seedling support and will eventually biodegrade. Leave only the strongest seedlings to continue to grow in the pot.

We recommend approximately 3 or 4 seedlings to a 10cm pot. Transplant surplus seedlings into a larger pot or direct into the garden.


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