The team at JEM would like to wish all our clients a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year and to take this opportunity to say thank you for the support in 2021. It was a year like no other with many challenges to overcome but it also provided our team with additional focus on staying as close to our core values as possible.

Our aim was to continue to be able to provide ongoing excellence in customer service, whilst anticipating the needs of our clients, as we all travelled through uncharted waters.

Many developments in the sourcing and delivery of promotional concepts and products came out of the challenges associated with COVID such as Zoom meetings so many of our clients opted for Virtual Conference Packs which assisted to bring to life ideas and concepts. Staying connected has been key with many of us working remotely so promotional products have been able to provide tangible connections between teams that served to inspire and motivate us to stay the course.

The team at JEM will take a much needed break over Christmas but look forward to reconnecting with our clients early in 2021. We will be refreshed and ready to partner with our clients as we aim to make 2022 a fantastic year. We hope you have a Happy and Safe Christmas and that you enjoy lots of Christmas goodies with your family and friends.

JEM Christmas Greeting 2021

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Managing Director John Cabral if an urgent matter arises during our break on 0408 861637