The JEM Promotional Products office is dominated by women, we actually only have one male in our team so you can imagine how our discussions all center around fashion and topics like who we think should win So You Think You Can Dance. Today is the release of the Twilight DVD in stores and that got us talking about how much we adore the movie. Combine our love for Twilight and our passion for Merchandise and the next thing you know we have started a little in-house competition to redesign the Twilight Merchandise Range! We have access to so many products and so we think we have thought of some products that we have not seen as part of the Twilight Merchandise range that would be some awesome additions.


Twilight Journal

This is our favourite item because we can just imagine Twilight fans all over the World using this Journal to write down their thoughts and feelings. We have mocked it up with a metal badge of the Cullens Crest instead of the Twilight logo because we thought this just made it a little bit more special. It is a great quality leather bound journal.

Twilight Candles

These candles would be a great addition to any teenagers room and will give you great ambiance for reading the Twilight Books or wathcing the movies.

Twilight Bookmark

A leather bookmark is not only a practical item you can use while reading through the Twilight Saga it is also a great keepsake. This bookmark is made from leather and so will last a life time.

Twilight Mug

A mug is another practical item that you can use every day.

Twilight Lipgloss

Hmmm we may have been thinking of Robert Pattison when we picked this product.

Twilight Military Cap

Miltary Caps are one of our most popular cap designs.

Twilight Dog Tag Necklace

This a great item as it is suitable for both girls and guys. We can also laser engrave on the dog tags.

American Apparel Twilight Hoodie

We understand that Twilight fans are fashion forward and so a baggy hoodie does not fit in with your style. We think there is no reason why you can’t wear movie merchandise and still look stylish and so we have mocked-up this American Apparel Hoodie with the Twilight logo.

Twilight Sweatbands

This is a great item for concerts or a a fashion statement piece.

Twilight Beanie

Great for a road trip to Washington or a visit to the New Moon set!

Twilight Photoframe

For that pi
cture of you and your Edward or maybe a photo of you and the Twilight stars if you are lucky enough to meet them.

Twilight Slogan T-shirts

When I was looking around the net for Twilight Merchandise I saw some really awesome slogan t-shirts. We decided to pick our favourite line from the movie and use that for our slogan t-shirt design. The line “You have no idea how long I have waited for you” which Bella’s says to Edward came a close second in the best movie quote office vote!

We also could not resist using the line “Do I dazzle you?” on a t-shirt too.

We literally could have gone on designing for hours but we had to get back to work so here are some other products we thought of but didn’t get a chance to mock-up are:

  • Twilight pack of playing cards with all the stars photos on the back of each card. Robert Pattision definitely gets an ACE : )
  • Twilight Cherry Red Lollipop to play on the whole Vampire blood sucking thing lol
  • A Twilight Backpack to carry all your books

Well Twilighters we hope you like our Twilight Merchandise Design Concepts. We would love to see some of your own designs also so post a link to your designs in a comment and we will check it out. We just need to mention one last time that we aren’t the official merchandisers for the Twilight Merchandise (we really wish we were!) therefore we can’t sell any of these designs and so we ask that you don’t contact us about it. I tried to do a search and I think Borders have some official Twilight Merchandise if you are looking for products to buy.

p.s. if you are wondering what the Twilight font is it is Zephyr which can be purchased from My Fonts

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