Check out the Top 5 Band Shirts that are recognized world wide.
Not only are the bands famous world wide the t-shirt designs are also quite simple, making them stand out.

#1 – Rolling Stones
The shirt doesnt even have the bands name printed on the shirt at all yet as soon as we see the mouth with the tongue hanging out we know its the Rolling Stones. It simple and bright design makes it stand out and be easily remembered

#2 – The Ramones
The bold large text that RAMONES is written in on this shirt makes it easy to be seen from a fair distance, the logo underneath takes up most of the shirt – Its all about Maximum exposure!

#3 – Beastie Boys
Not only does the shirt come in a bright yellow, the logo and photo printed on to the shirt is done in contrasting colours to the yellow.
#4 – Muse
Simple and straight to the point in a plain neat text, the thick lines above and below the text bring more attention to the area, also the text being in capitals also benefits the design

#5 – The Who
Funky design that takes up most of the area on the shirt first draws your attention, the positioning of “The Who” in black is done in a way that has the arrow from “The “Who” in grey pointing up to it, therefore your eyes follow the vertical pattern it has created, exposing you to the bands name not once, but twice!
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