As a culture we love to spoil our little furry friends and if today’s marketing tells us anything its only getting bigger! Companies are going mutts for anything and everything for your pets!

Dog Owner Wearing Mask Holding Pet Dog

Traditionally it used to be VETS, Animal products and events who used to go mutts for pet products, however with the recent movement thanks to Instagram and Facebook, we have seen pets become su-paw stars!

I think the first major retailer to start this movement was Peter Alexander, firstly through his love of dachshund themed clothes which then turned into custom outfits for your dogs which sold out in no time! Who would of thought Pet Pj’s would be so popular?

Nowadays it seems lots of companies are jumping on the bandwagon as they can see that paw-rents are going mad for anything and everything for their fur babies. From matching outfits, custom swag, personalised bowls and much more. I think one I see a lot now is getting your dogs face on socks or bandannas.

Even Tiffanys UK got involved making custom treat jars, bowls and collars in their custom shade.

Pet Dog With Treats

The great news is if your business is pet related, the range of products available has really increased in the last few months making it easier to connect with your audience.

If your target market is heavily involved in this movement, why wouldn’t you target them? You’d be barking mad.



Pet Merchandise


Check out some ideas here!

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