Companies big and small have decided to try ramp up sales by targeting their marketing towards getting consumers to spend their $950 K-Rudd Stimulus Money with them. Here are just some of the advertisements I found:

Rudd-O-Rama 30% off everything at Crossroads. Starts Thursday 2nd April for a limited time.

From April 1st until June 30th 2009, you can now book 12 hours of studio time for your next audio or visual project for only $880!!!

In October last year Outspark has a sale with select premium items in Fiesta and Secret of the Solstice on sale for 25% off.

I have already written a blog on this one so I won’t bore the regulars by repeating it. Follow this link to check out my Kogan’s answer to your K-Rudd Stimulus Money Blog.

The following companies are also having ‘Rudd Sales’:

  • Discount Ski Tubes and Gear – 15% OFF Everything Online & Storewide for the Month of April. Any order over $900 will receive FREE shipping Australia wide
  • Inverted Body Boarding – All Boards are $250 and all t-shirts are $30 from Saturday April 11th to Monday 13th April.

I am actually a bit surprised at how tame most of the advertisements are, you would think that the word stimulus would have inspired all sorts of cheeky marketing campaigns. I have seen a few cheeky t-shirts with slogans like “Check out my Stimulus Package” and “I’ve got your stimulus package right here”

Let me know if you spot anything else blogworthy : )

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