As the world continues to travel through uncertain times, taking responsibility for our own safety and self protection is sensible. Also providing team members with essential personal protective equipment items that assist in combating dangerous germs is a sensible action to take.

A great start is the UV Steriliser Backpack which can be useful on many levels.

UV Steriliser Backpack
UV Steriliser Backpack

The Backpack in made of resistant 600D polyester with integrated UV light steriliser pocket. It is specially designed for the elimination of microorganisms and bacteria in smartphones and other everyday objects.

It is made of durable 600D polyester, with a multitude of outer pockets and padded inner pockets for laptops up to 15 inches and tablets up to 10 inches. With USB connection and a cable included. It comes with a user manual available to ensure proper usability is attained. CE, RoHS and germicidal effectiveness certification available. For proper use of the product, avoid contact with skin and eyes. This is Padded Laptop backpack and has a Tablet Compartment. It uses Ultraviolet Light for effective sterilisation of items. It has USB Connection with Cable Included for ease of use.

The UV Steriliser Backpack can be branded with company logos for ease of equipment identification and some brand exposure within target markets. Check out more exciting tech products here.

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