After our Christmas Party on Friday a few of us went for drinks at Trademark Hotel. When I went to the bathroom I noticed this dispenser on the wall. Ladies are able to purchase a range of lipglosses, a compact and even perfume all from this dispenser located in the venue’s bathroom. It is great for women who carry a small bag in the evening because there is not a lot of room in our handbags to store all these things. It would be even better if they could also get a GHD unit like Establishment Hotel where you can pay $2 and use a GHD to fix your hair in the ladies bathroom.

I love coming across companies who think outside of the square and identify different channels to distribute their product through. I think another great example is Krispy Kreme and selling their donuts through schools and similar organisations as a fundraising product. Not only were they able to expand their distribution channel in a huge way they also increased their sales force with other people selling their product for them.

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