The world as we knew it prior to 2020 has changed a lot, as it has faced many challenges and strict social restrictions, associated with dealing with a once in a lifetime world wide pandemic.


Everyone understands that the restrictions were necessary but subsequently have been very impactful on how we now do business day to day. Needless to say the business world has had to think on their feet to survive.

Unexpected developments in many areas, where adaptation to challenges was necessary, has inadvertently provided many opportunities to conduct business tasks, maybe a little differently in 2021 and possibly beyond. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention so resourceful people have had to use creative ways to conduct their business online.

Zoom has become the buzz word of 2021, that no one could have previously predicted prior to the current situation. Basically, just about everyone is using the video calling platform, as a tool to basically get the job done, albeit only online.

Video calling has enabled most people to stay in touch with work colleagues, clients and family members. It has really been a life saver in many ways, when used on a personals level or even for students learning online, and families offering each other support day to day. It is frequently used for a businesses looking for ways to achieve desired results and meet ongoing goals. Addressing distance between people has had to be overcome and this communication tool has tremendously assisted in bringing people together.

In the promotional products industry, what has been discovered by some creative minds, is that custom branded promotional products can be a powerful tool during Zoom meetings. Promotional Products even assist in creating a sense of reality and normality to an otherwise unreal experience.

Large corporate companies are now frequently scheduling Zoom meetings to stay connected to their teams and clients so the distance between them is less of an issue.

Custom Fortune Cookies

Some of the virtual events have often been informal, such as Friday afternoon catch up’s with a drink and nibbles that are sent on ahead to team members. Naturally, that creative person, who is thinking outside of the square, has organised for the promotional items to be sent to attendees ahead of time and made sure that the promotional items are custom branded. Each beverage is imprinted with a positive and sometimes amusing message to bring a smile to the faces of the team which is much needed right now. Many of these messages are easily thought of and often are involving a play on words, relating to that so something such as: It’s Beer o’clock so it is time to have a Break and Enjoy a Beer.

Custom Branded Beer

Think in terms of a Craft Beer & Nibbles or a Personalised Bottle of Coke is important if the team has a particular preference. It breaks the ice with teams working remotely and helps create a sense of fun, that teams will look forward to each week. Let’s face it, we all need to de-stress at the end of  a busy week and to know that others are experiencing the same challenges.

Other more business oriented involves the organising of events such as Virtual Conferences. These conferences on their own can become tedious with many drifting off and not staying engaged with speakers. Promotional Products have long been know for their tangible qualities so they can save the day with interactive qualities that can keep each attendee alert and enjoying the experience.

As an example it may be worthwhile breaking up the event into shorter segments, that transition smoothly from one to the other while telling a virtual story. Information can be relayed in an easy manner to be consumed more effectively and retained. It is essential to have sufficient breaks to relax and unwind and also have some fun interaction with other conference attendees.

Potentially a Virtual Conference Pack can be sent on ahead to each attendee. Branding on the Box can promote the event with the Business or Organisation’s logo, Virtual Conference Name and Date. Contained in the Virtual Conference Pack, there are smaller boxes, slotted in perfectly and each box has a title of choice pertaining to that segment or point of discussion. Printed instructions on what needs to be done, with each promotional item, contained in the smaller boxes helps attendees unravel the ‘story’ or theme and will help keep everyone engaged throughout the event.

As an example it could be a puzzle or wood block brainteaser that needs to be worked on both independently and also as a team. It could be that team bonding is one of the exercises for the Virtual Conference so many possibilities can be customised to suit the purpose.

Custom Branded Brain Teaser

Create shared experiences that promote team work for the problem to be solved but don’t forget to include rewards along the way, that motivate and excite attendees as individuals and as teams.

Other times if a new product is to be launched, then a custom branded item, that relates to that product, may be sufficient to inspire the team. An example might be a keyring ahead of a new car launch, which can be custom made to any shape or even made from chocolate, using a custom mold, with the end result being a delicious chocolate that can be consumed as the small box is open.

Also consider a custom confectionery box with someone’s favourite sweets. This in itself will assist in breaking the ice and winning some hesitant attendees over.

Alternatively, a Fortune Cookie (with custom inserts) could unveil a winning Team or an individual or to acknowledge the Team Member of the Month with a prize in store! The possibilities are endless with promotional products creating a sense of normality, with products that are familiar to everyone but are imprinted with logos and creative messages that promote a brand and business goal.


Please don’t hesitate to contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)8205 1334 or for more information on the latest promotional products that be utilised to best suit your virtual event and assist in maximising it’s a success.

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