Campaign Spotlight: ‘Serenity by Jan’ Scented Candles ties in with recently aired episode of NBC TV show ‘The Office’

What is it?
Scented Candles with a custom label available in four scents.

Why I liked this promotional products campaign:

  • Very targeted campaign to a market niche. This product is not aimed at those people that aren’t familiar with the TV Show, but instead at those people who have been hanging out for new episodes following the big strike in Hollywood. This product was actually featured in the first episode to air since the strike, fetching a huge number of viewers. Jan, one of the characters in ‘The Office’; who was recently fired from her job decided to start her own business selling scented candles.
  • High involvement product. The fact that this product was featured in an episode of the TV show, increases the level of the consumers involvement association with the show and its brand. Even the names of the scents eg: Bonfire, were featured in the episode!
  • Timely launch. The timing of this campaign is instrumental to its success. This episode aired only two weeks ago, and this promotional product was made available almost immediately after the show went to air.
  • Viral in nature. Any fan of the TV show who stumbles across this product will more than likely share it with a friend who also likes the TV show making it a fantastic viral marketing campaign.

Here’s a direct link to the online store where you can purchase Serenity by Jan scented candles.

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