Want to learn more about what decoration method is best for you, well you have come to the right place! The Supa’s are a new digital printing method to brand your apparel, headwear and bags in a unique way. Think vibrant full colour print at the fraction of the price!

Let’s dive in to see the fundamental differences and which method suits your brand best.


Supacolour is one of the newest technologies in digital printing. It allows you to create beautiful, high quality logos and images, and is versatile enough to be applied to a huge variety of fabrics.

What are the benefits of using Supacolour?

  • Unlimited colours and high vibrancy
  • Ultra-high detail (finest of text, perfect colour gradients)
  • Allows free floating text without any weeding required, hence the low cost
  • Ultra-high resolution – photo reproduction achievable
  • High stretchability and versatility in terms of fabrics and where it can be applied
  • Robust! Can be applied across seams and on coarse fabrics.
  • 100+ washes, will outlive the product and won’t peel, crack or fade.
  • Using the highest quality, eco-friendly inks and no vinyl as well


Supasub is perfect for when the detail in a logo can’t be reproduced with embroidery but you still want the look of embroidery.  Supasub is perfect for products where Supacolour isn’t viable like beanies and scarves.

Supasub gives fantastic detail, vibrancy and quality but the embroidered edge offers a real point of difference – essentially it’s the best of both worlds!

What are the benefits of using Supasub?

  • Detail (finest of text, perfect gradient)
  • High Resolution
  • Versatility – can be applied to bags, caps, beanies, scarves, apparel
  • Lightweight feel compared to solid embroidery
  • Choose what colour thread for matching or contrast
  • Choose from satin stitch or cross stitch for a different look and feel


Is an on-trend decoration method making the most of the recent advancements in technology. The laseretched suede patch is laser-cut then overlocked onto a range of products like, headwear, bags, blankets, beanies and scarves. The stylish finish is subtle yet effective, showcasing both the product and your brand in a professional manner with a high perceived value and retail look.

What are the benefits of using Supaetch?

  • 11 different colour suedes available
  • Versatility – Can be applied to bags, caps, blankets, beanies and scarves.
  • Choose what colour thread for matching or contrast effect.
  • Choose from a satin stitch or cross stitch embroidery edge for a different look and feel.


Supaflex is a new branding option that expands on our great range of patches. Offering high detail logos with a matte or gloss finish and attached with embroidery for a quality result.

Available in 2 options:

Floating Logo:

  • 9 Background Colours
  • textured, Matte Background
  • Any design or detail.
  • Satin Stitch Embroidered Edging
  • Any Shape
  • Your choice of Matte or Gloss finish

Edge to Edge Logo:

  • Any design or detail
  • Cross Stitch Embroidered Edging
  • Any Shape
  • Your choice of Matte or Gloss finish

By Amie Pitt

Senior Account Manager

JEM Promotional Products

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