Everyone has a favourite mug or cup and somehow the coffee or tea doesn’t taste quite the same in anything thing else. It’s possibly a psychological thing or maybe we fine tune our measurements of coffee, sugar and milk to our favourite mug’s dimensions and trying to adjust to a new mug is not that easy.

Branded Coffee Mugs

Other aspects to consider regarding a mug’s longevity and the criteria for a favourite mug, is the branding, which can have an influence on our mood. That clearly highlights the need to select the best artwork for a target market.

Once the formula for achieving a ‘favourite mug’, that the drinker will love, is determined and achieved, then you can count on the fact that there is little chance that the coffee mug will be disposed of any time soon. It’s the stuff of marketers’ dreams, to have a brand placed in their target market’s hands and a logo looked at daily. This is achieved successfully with a humble branded coffee mug which often is inexpensive and easy to customise. It’s a case of don’t overthink the promotional campaign by going past a branded coffee mug.

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