You may have noticed that JEM Promotional Products have been featuring some products through our Website and Promotions for Australia Day. In our promotion we included Temporary Tattoos, Australian Flag Pens, Aboriginal Boomerang Keyring, a Map of Australia Keyring, Australia Flag Stress Reliever, Aussie Cheering Hand, Australia Cap, Aboriginal Flag Cap, Australian Flag Summer Beach Towel, Outback Australia Promotional Items, Stubby Holder, Thongs, Singlet, Cooler Tub, BBQ Apron, BBQ Tools and a three Akubra Hats – The Akubra Cattleman Hat, The Croc Akubra hat and the Akubra Casablanca hat.

Another product that we would recommend for Australia Day is the Australian Cork Hat. The cork hat started out being warn by jackaroos and swagmen to fend off the flies but has since become one of the iconic symbols of Autralian culture. Many people wonder why corks are used instead of another item and the main theory is that because of the low-weight of a cork they can hang from the hat without the hat becoming too heavy for the wearer to be comfortable.

If you would like to enquire about braning your cork hats for your Australia Day event please contact JEM Promotional Products on (02) 8205 1334 or

To see our full range of Australia Day products follow this link to our Australia Day Merchandise Promotion or view our Australia Day Products section on our website.

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