Promotional Products are the Best Sort of Marketing Support for Franchises

There are many challenges faced when part of a Franchise. Each franchise location is owned by a different individual with set ideas on how things should be done, in particular with Marketing & Advertising. Due to the nature of franchises there are guidelines set by the Franchisor restricts individual franchisees from advertising so as to protect the brand, therefore the process of Marketing Support can become quite complicated.

If the Franchise has locations all over Australia each area will have a different set of demographics and so it is difficult to find a form of Marketing Support that will benefit each Franchisee equally. Take newspaper advertising for example, if the Franchisor puts an advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald how will it help franchisees located in Western Australia? Even if the franchisor made a further attempt to be fair by advertising in each local newspaper for the region the franchise is located in each newspaper has different circulation and readership levels so some areas will still benefit more than others.

Branded Promotional Products are the only form of Marketing Support that supports everyone equally. Many Franchises run in-store promotions where you receive a free gift, for example when you your 10th cup of coffee you get a free thermal mug.

Using Promotional Products works most effectively when it is linked into a special occasion. For example, if you book a Mother’s Day Lunch for more than 4 people you might want to give away a free Bathrobe for the Mother. Other special occasions that work well are Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

I guess some people may say that it is still not completely fair because each franchise has to give away the same product so there is still not much choice involved. However, if you use JEM Promotional Products for your Marketing Support campaign we can assist you each step of the way to make the process fairer. If you are a current customer of JEM Promotional Products with an Online Merchandise Management System we can upload 3 suggested products for your campaign and Franchisees can vote for which product they think is the best. We tally the votes and this becomes the official promotion product used by everyone. This is the fairest system we have devised while still giving everyone a chance to share their opinions.

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JEM Promotional Products not only assist in helping you pick which product to use, we also upload it onto your Online Merchandise Management System for your Franchisees to log-in and order the quantity they require. We warehouse the product until they are needed and then handle national distribution to all your locations. You will also not be bothered by questions like “when will we be getting our products?” We can communicate with your franchisees on your behalf and send email blasts out with updates on delivery. You also have a dedicated Account Manager who is able to take phone calls and reply to emails at any time.

Using our tried and tested method you are not only keeping all your franchisees happy by offering a fair system of providing Marketing Support but you are also outsourcing all the stress by using JEM Promotional Product’s Online Merchandise Management System.

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