Merino Wool Corporate Uniforms Are Ideal For Australian Conditions

Australia’s unique climate conditions means that it is often quite challenging when it comes to finding the perfect corporate uniform items because many are designed and manufactured with colder temperatures in mind. Our variable temperatures in our winter months can mean that they range from low overnight temperatures to quite warm by lunch time.

Merino wool fabrics offer many advantages to other fabrics because of its ability to insulate and maintain even body temperatures, even if they appear lightweight when compared to other winter fabrics, and most important – they always feel comfortable.

Another important factor is that temperatures in corporate offices are often inconsistent when it comes to meeting different needs and individual preferences in a work environment. Often what seems to be right for one is unbearable for another depending on location of air-conditioning vents and fan speeds. Merino Wool garments offers many options that are ideal for meeting individual needs, with various options such as vests and cardigans making it a lot easier to find suitable uniform items for individual team members.

Merino Wool range of corporate uniform items offers a number of versatile options which blend well with most existing uniform items. The lightness of the fabric also allows for a layering effect when worn under winter weight coats and jackets. The great benefit is that clothing layers can be removed or added depending on the temperature and particular preferences. This sort of versatility is an important feature when considering appropriate corporate attire.
There are some key points to remember when considering Merino Wool garments from the Gear for Life range.

Merino Wool is incredibly warm. Its breathability is possibly remarkable, buffering changes in the microclimate to maintain body temperature in a range that is optimal for performance and preservation.
The hydrophilic core of our Merino fibres have an amazing capacity to absorb liquid – up to 35% of its own weight – so it’s better than synthetics at removing sweat from the skin, moving it away, releasing it as vapour.

Our Merino garments protect you from extreme temperature because they offer superior insulation to most textiles. Our Merino garments offer naturally high UPF protection rating in excess 40+. Merino is also naturally fire resistant as this fabric insulates against high temperatures and doesn’t readily catch fire.

Our Merino is an entirely natural fibre, evolved over many years by the Merino sheep to create the most effective all-weather protection against the elements known to man.
The world’s finest fibre is still 100% natural Merino and in our environmentally conscious times, its sustainability and biodegradability are highly marketable properties. The Merino wool used in our garments is processes with very little environmental impact.

Fashion isn’t just about how you look but how you feel, and Merino has numerous natural attributes that make it one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear.
The superfine fibres feel like silk next to the skin.

The natural elasticity of the fibres means they stretch with the wearer, but return to their natural shape so there is less chance of garments sagging or losing their shape.

Merino Wool Corporate Uniform items look great when branded with embroidered logos, using subtle coloured threads. This method of branding of using tone on tone thread choice, usually looks sophisticated in an understaded fashion, whilst still promoting the company’s logo.

Also available in our corporate range of uniforms are suits and individual items such as skirts and pants. Retail brands such as Van Heusen are popular choices which offer a wide range of sizes making it ideal for large teams with various needs and requirements.

Corporate Fit Out is offered for company uniforms making the whole process a seamless exercise for anyone contemplating a corporate uniform for their team.

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By Maria Cabral
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