Featured Product: Custom Printed Bottled Water

Customised bottles of water, with your own label design are fast becoming one of the quickest growing promotional products. Why do you ask? This article seeks to find that answer for you!


  • Available in both Sparkling and Spring water
  • Totally customisable product – including label, and bottle lid
  • Great tradeshow item, able to be attached to a bottle holder lanyard or belt

Custom Branded Water

The Health Benefits

That water is essential for the functioning of almost all the body’s living cells? that human blood is 95% water; bones are 22% water and even 75% of the human brain is water ? that without food, human can live for 14 days or more, but without water, the body can only survive a few days? These facts may account for the rapid rise in the popularity of bottled water, a market that is continuing to grow, as many people turn to bottled water as their primary refreshment drink.

There are mainly two styles of bottled water: sparkling, and still water.But there are many variations of these waters, which undergo different processes and encompass different characteristics.Sparkling or carbonated water, is usually consumed as a refreshment beverage, whilst still or non-sparkling waters are consumed as drinking water.

Consumer research suggests that bottled water is consumed by people of varying age groups and occupations. The large majority however tend to be young singles and couples, in particular females aged between 14-35 years.Generally bottled water consumers can be described as being more health conscious, contemporary and socially aware.

In these health conscious days water makes a great contribution to overall hydration.It is fat and kilojoule free and a great thirst quencher, which makes it a great choice for the health conscious consumer. Many people wish to get back to basics and drink something that is refreshing and pure.Some people also wish to avoid certain chemicals used in the treatment of public water supplies, such as chlorine and fluoride, and are therefore turning to the chemical free alternative.

With the development of more widespread leisure and activities and the expansion of travel, for business and pleasure, consumers are increasingly turning to the convenience of bottled water for their refreshment.

One of the main reasons why people buy bottle water is its taste! With the variation in tastes of the different local water supplies across the country, more people prefer the consistent refreshing taste of bottled water.


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