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Customised USB People – Unique Merchandise Items for Our Times!

Gone are the days that children would eagerly collect popular player cards to add to a growing collection and be happy with that. Not that there is anything wrong with that, so the popular pass time of collecting, has not in essence ,changed that much in 2013, but the products sure have.
Back in the 1900’s some interesting merchandise items were produced in the USA that were eagerly collected by Baseball fans all over the country. Children couldn’t get enough of them so a whole industry was born to cater for their popularity. They were inexpensive because they came in a pack of chewing gum and easily accessible by the young fans and paid for from pocket money. Some cards were more popular than others depending on the player’s own level of popularity and fame. Some even became quite scarce as time went on so to acquire one was seen as an accomplishment and brought their owners some level of fame within their circles. Prices varied depending on a card’s availability so competition was fierce driving up the prices of originally inexpensive baseball cards.

Those player cards, that occasionally became very expensive, were certainly a good investment, especially when rare cards were identified. Bidding wars between collectors have often made the news so the potential return from a small investment is really quite remarkable. Reading about the players on the cards, was a great source of enjoyment, as was the swapping of player cards, with collectors always aiming for a complete collection.

Some companies that are notable for making these cards are Topps, Upper Deck, Fleer, Donruss, Bowman (which is a descendent of Topps), and Playoff Contenders. Baseball cards can be highly collectible. Many antique stores contain a wide variety of baseball cards. One reason for baseball cards being collectible is that they have been around for a long time. Some baseball cards can be worth millions of dollars. Since early baseball cards were produced primarily as a marketing vehicle, collectors began to classify those cards by the ‘type’ of company producing the set.

Nowadays, not much has changed, at least not as far as human habits go, so collecting is certainly just as popular today but so much has changed in the types of merchandise items available, so it hardly compares. Collectors in 2013 are discerning buyers, often incredibly knowledgeable about the potential of a merchandise item and the possibility of it in the future, becoming a sought after collector’s item.

Maybe collectors in 2013 are seeking value for money, as well as other important considerations such as functionality and usefulness of a product. The collector’s merchandise item needs to do more than just look good. It basically needs to be just about all things to all people for it to even have a chance to become part of an elite sought-after range of merchandise range of items.

Some important considerations when deciding to create a merchandise range are:

1) Is the merchandise item engaging?

2) Does the merchandise item have unique features?

3) Will it look good in years to come?

4) So what is the collector likely to do with the merchandise item?

5) Does the merchandise item perform a useful function?

A good example of what is potentially a future collector’s item is our unique Customised USB People. These little USB’s are really quite a talking point and have received quite a big response when we have manufactured them for our clients. They are also quite a work of art when you see the detail that goes into it, at design stage. A graphic designer has to create a life like impression of the player/ person so that a mould is created to the exact specifications. The end result is often an incredibly life-like reproduction of the person. So that ability to recreate the likeness is incredibly engaging and even better than owning a poster or player card. It is something that can be held and even used if so desired. Club and Player history as well as statistics can be included for an added level of interest from potential collectors.

The best thing about our Customised USB People is that they are inexpensive when compared to an unbranded USB so why not create some unique merchandise items that are in keeping with the interests of collectors in 2013.

Current sports heroes are always popular and sure to please any sports fans regardless of particular club preferences. As well, past heroes are a great source of inspiration, so to have tangible merchandise items that contain important historical information would be valuable tool.
These unique Customised USB items can be used in many ways, even to promote good health and sport participation. Children are more likely to take an interest in reading the contents of the USB on their computer if it comes in a sports hero Customised USB.

Corporate clients can also take advantage of the popularity of some Sporting Heroes popularity and use the USB’s to include their own company presentations conveniently stored in the Customised USB.

At JEM Promotional Products we are able to organise for data to be stored at the point of manufacture of the Custom USB which simplifies the whole process. Capacity can also vary depending on the size of file necessary to be stored. Corporate clients may customise the shape to look like their logo and even PMS match colours so branding is consistent to their branding guidelines.

Customisation options also allows for many shapes and sizes and even materials so the possibilities are practically endless and only limited by imagination.

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By Maria Cabral
JEM Promotional Products

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