It’s going to be another hot summer, and those long sleeve shirts you bought in Winter just won’t do. Your employees have probably started turning up out of uniform right now, trying to survive the steady approaching Summer heat.

So what’s the solution to this seasonal problem? A Summer uniform that is light and airy, allowing your staff to feel comfortable, even through the hottest days this Summer. Just as well, we have a few tips for you in picking your uniform this Summer with a range of uniform choices to keep you cool this Summer, even in the stickiest of situations.

Cool Dry Material (a.k.a. Kool-Dri, Dri-Gear)

The promotional products industry has acknowledged the need for a sweat-resistant fabric to be used in corporate uniforms in Australia.

Cool Dry Summer breathe-easy fabric Cool Dry material was initially developed for athletes, but now moisture wicking fabrics have become part of the everyday active lifestyle. Cool Dry material comprises of a cotton/polyester weave which absorbs, wicks and dries faster than normal fabrics. A bonus of Cool Dry material is the inner fabric lining/surface is extra soft and very comfortable.

Summer Uniform Tips

Ask your staff to pick out their favourites from our range of Corporate Uniforms. Come to a vote with the top 3 suggestions, with the uniform receiving the largest number of votes being your pick. This will help encourage staff to wear their uniforms to work, as they were involved in the process of choosing it.
Choose a short-sleeve! Some people make the mistake of choosing an all year round uniform using a long-sleeve shirt. Your employees want to feel comfortable in their uniform, so it’s important you have a shirt to suit the seasonal weather changes.

If you have both male and female employees, always pick a style of shirt that comes in both women’s and men’s sizes so everyone is catered for and feel positive in their new uniforms.
If your staff often work outdoors, a cap branded with your company logo is a very important inclusion for your summer uniform. You don’t want your employees wearing caps with other company logos embroidered or printed on them. View our range of Headwear and Caps for a wide range of choice.

Don’t forget that a large amount of the exposure to potential clients by your staff is after hours. As your staff go about their normal after hours activities on their way home, they continue to promote your company in their branded clothing.

Hopefully we’ve provided you with a few ideas and tips to make choosing your Summer uniform easier.

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