Artwork Design

Artwork design can at times be a stumbling block from the perspective of the promotional products provider. Designers not familiar with product decoration limitations may come up with some designs that may seem quite unique but may end up being impossible to duplicate through the usual decoration methods.

Screen-printing whilst delivering the boldest and truest of colours can not be used to achieve any grading or shading in artwork. The same can be said for embroidery and even laser engraving. Digital printing may provide the solution but again the client may not be aware that some products can not necessarily be digitally printed or even that most products do not provide the clean slate that printing on paper normally does.

When artwork is in the conceptual stage an experienced Graphic Artist will offer some alternatives of the main design whilst keeping the overall integrity of the design. We acknowledge and support our clients when concerns for consistent branding is expressed and we too share that goal. However, a compromise may be the solution where the Designer aims to adhere to as many of the branding criteria by using PMS colours and other important guidelines but simplifying the artwork so it is of printable quality.

Check colours available on the Pantone Chart.

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