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Tips For A Successful Conference Or Corporate Event By Utilising The Power Of Branded Promotional Items

Although conference planning and execution is not something promotional products distributors do as part of their usual role they are often found at the beginning, middle and even the end of some of the most successful events.  At times promotional products distributors are able to be part of the brainstorming process prior to the conference or event and that can open up many possibilities as far as the utilisation of promotional items. As distributors of promotional products we are able to produce specific ranges of items that not only enhance but become an integral part of the success of a conference or event. These items can be customised to reflect a company’s Brand, Image or even Future Direction. Promotional Products can also be much more than just a way to promote a Conference or Event (although they are perfect for that purpose) especially if the items selected are designed with the user’s needs in mind. Some Promotional Items can be Customised with specific features that cater for a company’s requirements and that aim to be used after the event on a day to day basis. For instance, if the Event’s Giveaway is a Compendium, then it must suit the requirements of the conference. Some important questions that come to mind are: Does the compendium include an i-Pad sleeve for tech savvy attendees? Does it provide specific conference requirements such document holders? Can it be used afterwards?

Some Tips:

  • Planning and Goal Setting (What is the aim of the Conference or event?
  • Timeline for Specific Tasks (Eg: Send Survey Seeking Personal Information to Attendee List prior to major planning. Promotional Gifts Can be used as a Reward for completing the Survey)
  • Venue (Location, Services. This is very important and can greatly impact on a Conference’s Theme)
  • Event Theme (Summer Theme, Winter Wonderland, Wild West, Innovation etc.)
  • Guest Speakers & Entertainment (The correct choice will assist with achieving many of the goals set at the Plan and Goal Setting stage.)
  • Food and Beverage (Branded Water, Branded Fortune Cookies with Custom Inserts, Branded Chocolates etc.)
  • Invitation Alternatives (Themed Promotional Items used as “Vehicles” for Promoting the Conference)
  • Attendee Packs (Branded Notebooks, Pens,  i-Pad Compendiums, Lanyards, Tote Bags etc.)
  • Giveaways (Themed Items to Serve as Conference Reminders for Long Term Use)
  • Pre-Conference Marketing (Eg: Send a Thong (Flip Plop) with printed Conference Details and Instructions on How to Receive the Other
  • Conference (Event Day Schedule- which can be printed on a variety of promotional items such as Post it Note Pads)
  • Attendee Workshops (Promotional Items that enhance each particular workshop by providing essential items such as Branded Pens and Notebooks
  • Attendee Feedback (Surveys in the form of a Competition can be a great motivator to have attendees provide important information. A promotional Gift such a Portable BBQ is always popular and is great incentive to participate in a survey )

The “Message” or “Theme” of a Conference can really be spread by the utilisation of branded promotional items, which can build on the original idea and at the end reveal itself with a series of clever promotional giveaways. They can form part of a bigger picture and can serve in tantalising the attendee to want to discover more of what is ahead.

Selecting a season for the event may be the best starting point to get the ball rolling as far as the planning goes.


Winter Wonderland Theme:

Winter Wonderland themes are a great way to make the colder months of the year a lot of more enjoyable especially if that’s when the event is going to be held. Choosing a Snow covered location can be quite the treat if a free day of skiing is provided to all attendees.

An important point to remember is that not all corporate events, such as conferences have to be held in convention centres in major cities, think outside the square to make sure the event is a memorable and successful corporate event by holding it in an exciting location.

As a starting point Snowdomes can be sent as Invitations for the Event and can set the mood for the Winter Wonderland ahead.  Snowdomes can have a custom inserts depicting some of the fun activities on offer.


Summer Theme:

Summer or Tropical locations can be a lot of fun also with another example such as a Coconut Half-Shell Pen Holder, used as an invitation to a Conference with a Summer Theme, printed with just enough details to create interest.

It can instantly create a buzz and sense of excitement with evocative images of fun times ahead being created in the recipients mind.

Additional Summer Promotional Items can be sent as the event day gets closer to build on that initial level of interest, with more and more information regarding what attendees can expect. For instance, if the aim of the Conference is to motivate a Sales Team, then these visual aides are of great benefit, as they sit on team member’s desks, acting as beacons for promised fun and rewards ahead.

 Rewards for hard working team members are a must to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved in today’s competitive economies so visual reminders are a must but sometimes they may feel unattainable.

Themed promotional items are tangible reminders of a specific event and can be held in one’s hand time and time again serving as inspiration and motivation for the goals associated with that event.

Tag Lines:

Tag lines can also be a clever way to build on a theme so when the right promotional item is found and branded with a clever Tag Line, it then serves to illustrate a particular theme or new company direction in the most memorable way.

Event Artwork:

Artwork designed for an event can also really influence perceptions of what it’s going to be about. It can be used to indicate a season, location or theme. Once artwork is decided on, then variations to the original artwork can be used according to the application. For instance, if a large printed banner is used during the event, it can serve as a stage back-drop to various activities, including guest speakers and entertainers.

The printing of QR Codes on promotional items can also add to the sense of mystery and engage attendees by utilising the latest technology provided by smartphones. Direct attendees to a website page for more information on an event, where lots of information can be provided and referred to as required. House Keyrings, printed with QR Codes are ideal at a Real Estate Agents Conference, directing attendees to a website page containing Conference Details, Maps and Important Information.

Promotional items are truly versatile products that can adapt to various needs that range from being used subtly, blending into the “background”, to other times demanding attention and sometimes running the risk of becoming the star of the show. The applications are tremendous and limited only by imagination and creativity so this is where developing a good relationship with promotional products distributors can be of great benefit. Gaining the best possible outcome for a Conference or Event is crucial so making time for the consultation process with a promotional products professional is very important, now more than ever,  to maximise the ability to fully customise items that suit themes and goals for an important corporate event.

Please contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)8205 1334 or  if you are in the process of organising a Conference or Special Event and experience the benefits of working closely with a committed team of promotional products consultants.


By: Maria Cabral


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