Guide to Thermal Vinyl Printing

Guide To Thermal Vinyl Printing

Guide to Thermal Vinyl Printing

What is Thermal Vinyl printing?
Thermal vinyl printing is a decoration method which gives excellent reproduction logo's especially those with intricate detail. This is a gloss white polyurethane material which contains blockers to prevent colour migration (bleeding).

How is print applied to a hat?
The print is applied with heat to the cap with a heat press.

What fabrics can be printed with Thermal Vinyl Printing?
Cotton & Blended fabrics, polyester, nylon and even spandex

Can the decorated product be washed?
Yes, as long as it is hand washed in cold water the print should outlast the life of the cap.

What are the advantages of Thermal Vinyl printed instead of embroidery?
Thermal Vinyl printing gives a crisper, clearer reproduction of a log than embroidery due to the fact that small detail small text can be reproduced without any problems.

What are the size limitations of Thermal Vinyl Printing?
We can make your print up to 95mm x 55mm high for the front of a cap, and depending on the cap style - we can also print on the back of caps.

Can I have my print cut to a specific shape?
Yes, your print can be butt cut to any shape and we can match the background of the logo to the cap colour if required.

*The technical specifications and information in this article, were source from The Headwear Professionals catalogue.

(Courtesy of JEM Promotional Products ©2007)

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