Steps to Promotional Products Campaign Success

Steps To Promotional Products Campaign Success

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Steps to Promotional Products campaign Success

  1. Concept Generation:
    This step involves choosing a goal, strategy and application for your promotional products.
    Goal - Improve customer loyalty of clients who deal with Sales Division of Company XYZ
    Strategy - Use promotional products to make clients feel important to our Company
    Application - Use of high quality promotional gifts to distribute to clients

  2. Execution of the Concept:
    this step involves mapping out the implementation of the various aspects of your promotional products campaign. Several components of this step include creating a theme for your promotional products, organising a distribution method for your promotional products, and packaging of your promotional products.

  3. Evaluation of Concept appropriateness:
    this involves analysing the choices made in both the concept generation and execution of the concept stages, and judging how effective the promotional item relates to the target market/audience the product is focused at,how well the product relates to the theme you may have chosen, and whether or not the product has effectively promoted your particular product or service.

  4. Implementation of Promotional Products campaign:
    This final stage consists of the production, distribution and use of your chosen promotional products.

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