Special Offers and Promotions from JEM Promotional Products
  • Placing Your Brand In Your Clients Hands

    Keeping a brand highly visible within a target market requires utilising merchandise that connects personally with the recipient of the promotional items. Useful items such as Tape Measures,…

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  • Business & Individual Branding Options

    Branded merchandise offers longevity to a brand, with countless impressions, during the product's existence. It is rare that a logo branded product is not utilised when it serves a useful…

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  • Stay Hydrated During Dry July

    Many people are currently participating in Dry July so keeping a drink bottle handy makes sense. Promote your brand and a good cause this month with Drink Bottles that can be branded with a company…

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  • Feeling Green? Check Out These Eco Friendly Products!

    Going Green is a case of small steps towards an environmentally friendly way of existing on this planet. Check out our recycled garments which are great to use as part of a promotional campaign or…

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  • Welcome Back To the Bar!

    Socialising is a lot easier now with restrictions being eased. Restaurants and other entertainment venues are reopening, with social distancing in place. We can all look forward to relaxing at our…

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  • Keeping It Fresh

    The New Financial Year is here so now is the perfect time to press reset on many aspects of how things are normally done so a re-brand might just the thing to do right now. Keep it Fresh is the way…

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