JEM Promotional Products donate Seedstick Greeting Cards to Greenpages

Seedstick Greeting Cards To Greenpages

JEM Promotional Products supported the 2009 Greenpages by supplying Seedstick Greeting Cards with each directory. We believe that the directory is a fantastic environmental initiative that brings together a very large number of companies that in some way provide products and services that don't cost the earth!

The directory makes it much easier to find products and services that aim to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. It is very exciting to see just how many companies are now able to provide enviromentally friendly products and services and the numbers continue to grow every year.

We at JEM Promotional Products also continue to expand our own range of enviromentally friendly promotional products. If you are looking for alternatives to the usual promotional products, then have a browse through our extensive range of products, that not only look good but are a lots less impactful on our fragile enviroment.

Seedsticks Greeting Card 


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