Product Decoration Guide: Screen Printing

Product Decoration Guide: Screen Printing

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Product Decoration Guide: Screen Printing

Screen Printing


  • When printing light colours (e.g. yellow) on dark garments it is necessary to print a white base underneath.
  • Screens are cleaned off and used for other designs. This is why repeat jobs need to be set up again.
  • Surfaces with undulating textures cause screen printers the most concerns
  • Depending on the design, normal halftone reproduces at 45-65 dots per inch.
  • The industry standard reject rate for screen printing is about 1-2%
  • Four colour process printing on fabric or nylon is not the same quality as offset printing
  • Items multiple layers of fabric thick cannot be printed in more than one colour. The product may move before the next colour is applied and accurate registration is not possible.
  • Printing "around the side" or "off the edge" of shirts is not possible. Products need to be laid flat in order to print.
  • Whenever possible, a sample should be sent with repeat orders to ensure an identical product
  • Garments cannot be printed across a seam. If a print up to the seam is required, the flat panels should be printed before the item is made up.

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