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Sales Incentives Programs

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If you have recently visited our News and Promotions sections of our website you will have noticed some interesting promotional products being featured such as household appliances. A lot people even in our industry are still unsure whether a household appliance can be called a promotional product. We definitely believe so and that household appliances fit perfectly into the idea of a promotional product. It certainly fits the criteria of a good promotional product for those of you who prefer that your clients see your logo a number of times per day (and who doesn't?)

Just imagine how many times you can have your logo seen by the recipient of your gift, if for instance if it is a lovely Omega refrigerator. Logos can be added by using domed stickers so your company can have centre stage on the front of the appliance, where it can best be seen.

With this in mind, JEM Promotional Products has of late introduced a larger range of promotional products ideal for Rewards and Incentives Programs. You might find that some unusual products will pop up in our promotions from time to time. We think that the benefit to you will be that if you do have the occasion, such as a need for a Sales Incentives product or if your company runs a Rewards Program and you find yourself regularly having to source appropriate products- to fulfil the program - then we may be able to assist you.

At an internationally level the Rewards and Incentives Programs market is incredibly large and is worth approximately $10 billion dollars. This is mostly due to the numerous Rewards and Loyalty Programs currently conducted globally for just about any industry you can think of -ranging from Discount Fuel Programs to Frequent Flyer Programs or even Retail Outlet Loyalty Programs.

Marketers among you will see the branding opportunities made possible by this diverse range of products so don't hesitate to incorporate them into your own range of promotional products and reach your niche market in the most effective way.

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