How to make your promotional products meaningful and unique

Make Your Promo Products Meaningful

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Making your Promotional Products meaningful & unique

As I lie here in bed, I casually glance around my room; I count 6 products that I received as my Gift with Purchase. My instant reaction is 'wow, companies give away a lot of free products' and then I wonder 'for what reason?'. The more I ponder this I think back to the time at which I purchased the products. I wonder...did I choose the product over a substitute product because of the GWP and did I even choose the product over another product that had a GWP? 4 out of the 6 occasions, my answer is yes.

The one occasion that comes clearly back to mind is when I was at the newsagent last week. I stood comparing two fashion magazines, both similar in price and content. They were also both giving away a free GWP; the only differentiating factor came down to the type of gift being given. One had a plum coloured lip-gloss; where as the other magazine had a compact mirror with a hair brush on one end. I thought 'wow, wouldn't that be great to put in my handbag'. I also was thinking that this product is really UNIQUE, where as I had seen plenty of magazines give away lip gloss.

The other aspect that caught my attention was the fact that the cover story was 'how to manage your hair on the go'. The fact that the GWP related to the cover story was not lost on me. It actually made the gift all the more MEANINGFUL in my eyes; and it even made me more curious to read the magazine in order to learn how to use this wonderful product to successfully manage my hair.

The decision was made; I paid my money, took my magazine and was one very happy customer. Already I was wondering if the same magazine would give another gift away next month; and in my mind I am developing a loyalty to this product without even realising it; all because of one GWP that probably cost the company less than $1.

As a promotional product consultant I know the reason I choose one product over the other; it was because the product I choose was actually meaningful and unique. It related to the company and to the article in the magazine. It was also a unique product I had never seen before.

Being unique and meaningful does not necessarily involve spending thousands creating a one of a kind product. It can be as simple as picking a product that represents your company. Don't just give away pens for the sake of giving away something; instead you need to start thinking outside of the square. If you are a hairdresser why not give your customers printed hair-brushes; or if you are an I.T. Consultant you can give out stress items in the shape of a computer. Gone are the days where promotional products consisted of pens, shirts and mugs. With the advent of customised products being made overseas, your imagination is now the only limitation. Remember, the key to getting your marketing campaign noticed is to make your promotional products meaningful and unique.


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