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Use Promotional Products To Communicate Your Marketing Campaign Message

Communicate your Marketing Campaign Message with Promotional Products

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Promotional Products are a valuable tool and can improve the performance of other marketing communications such as PR and Newspaper advertising, when combined to create an Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC).

The Australian promotional products industry is booming with the latest statistics showing promotional products sales reaching a record high in Australia totally $1.56 billion - an increase of 35% over the last 3 years.

A well planned and strategised promotional products campaign will:

  • Create Customer Loyalty & Goodwill

No-one can deny the simple fact that people love receiving gifts. Whether it is a gift received in thanks for an order you've placed or just a gift received unexpectedly, your client will appreciate the gift and remember you and your company for it. A hand-written note given with a Parker pen gift set is sure to be used by any top executive.

  • Break through to your target market

Promotional products are one of the most targeted marketing tools when used correctly. There is at least one promotional product that is relevant to every industry sector that will be almost guaranteed to be received positively by your client, and even more importantly, used regularly - grabbing their attention and constantly repeating your marketing message. Find out your clients favourite sport or pastime and pick a product you know they'll love. Perhaps a fresh set of logo customised golf balls, packaged nicely with a Greg Norman polo shirt would get a fantastic response, utilised as a promotional giveaway at your next golf event?

  • Seek maximum repetition of your marketing message

Many promotional products have a large branding area and are ideal for promoting the message for your latest marketing campaign. Choosing a cost-effective and regularly used desk item such as customised post-it notes, or even a custom printed mouse pad will ensure that your message generates Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) with your client.

  • Motivate end-user response and action

Promotional Products are extremely effective when used to encourage a desired reaction. At your next tradeshow, advertise prior to the event for trade show attendees to visit your stand to receive a free gift. In return for your gift, you may ask the attendee to register for your company newsletter - and more often than not they will be more than willing to do this to receive a freebie!

Our big tip - pre-plan your gift idea to ensure you get the best price, choose the right promotional product, and ensure delivery on time for your event!

For positive results with your next promotional products campaign contact one of our promotional consultants.

If you have any questions relating to promotional products, or need assistance in choosing corporate gifts, please don't hesitate in contacting us.

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