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Hand Sanitisers are a great way to ensure germs are kept at a minimum, in our communities and work environments. Utilise Branded Hand Sanitisers in Promotions that are geared towards health related goals and serve to inform about positive health pracitices. Brand each label with messages or information about a business or health practice to spread the word on social distancing and other recommendations.

Hand Sanitiser 60ml

Hand Sanitisers are useful when used in the following areas:

Schools Promotional Hand Sanitisers, Healthcare Promotional Hand Sanitisers, Corporate Promotional Hand Sanitisers, Hospitality Promotional Hand Sanitisers, Employee Programs Promotional Sanitisers and Corporate Promotional Hand Sanitisers.

Hand Sanitiser 250ml

Promotional hand sanitisers come in various sizes and shapes which suit various usages and specific applications. 

Hand Sanitiser 500ml

Eveyone should have one on hand both at home and in the car. Work places should also provide sanitisers to have on-hand as needed by employees and visitors.

Hand Sanitiser 1litre


Please contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)82051334 or for more information on our Promotional Items that can be used by everyone and are especially suited for the Pharmaceutical and Health Industry.


Note: Please refer to the Australian Government Department of Health for specific advice 

JEM Promotional Products
Phone: (02) 8205 1334

Hand SanitisersFight Colds and 'Flu in the workplace and community by supplying hand Sanitisers branded with your logo and health message.
Reduce the spread of germs by using throughout the day. Ideal for travel and for workers within the health industry.
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