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Zefa Biodegradable Tote Bag


Product Description

Collaroy tote bag is perfect for any event and now is ecofriendly and uses a cardboard base


Our Biodegradable Non-Woven Bags are chemically treated during the manufacturing process to become *biodegradable in microbe rich municipal landfills. (*ASTMD5511)


These bags have been created in response to the overwhelming plastic bag waste that ends up in Australian landfills. Scientists currently estimate untreated plastics will take hundreds if not thousands of years to breakdown in landfills.

Product Details

Product Code: OC-OCBB04


All our Bio Non-Woven Bags have been independently tested in Australia under testing method ASTM D5511.


Product Size:31 x 34 x 20cm

Print Size:14 x 14 cm

Colours: Black, Royal, Navy, Red, White, Pink, More colours to follow.

Additional Product Assets

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