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Teardrop Banners


Product Description

Also referred to as Flying Banners or Teardrop Flags, Teardrop Banners are an ultra popular outdoor flag display system and are often the first choice when it comes to branding events. Teardrop Banners are most effective when used in multiples at an event, tradeshow or as outdoor signage.

Teardrop Flying Banners can be easily recognised through their unique teardrop shape and provide an eye catching wind following movement. Your graphic is clearly displayed 100% of the time and flag-flapping noise is eliminated due to the graphic being under tension.

Product Details

Product Code: UP-005-Teardrop Banners

  • Full Colour PolyFlag Graphic (Mirror Reverse with 95%+ Showthrough)
  • Uni-POLE Hardware
  • 3 Compartment Zippered Carry Bag (protects graphic, base and uni-pole)
  • FREE Grass Spike (rust-proof zinc coated)

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