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Post-It Note Advertising

Product Description

Make your brand stick out from the competition with this UNIQUE advertising medium.
The attention grabbing and response-generating, power of a Post-it® Note is now available for you, to use in your advertising campaigns.
In case after case, advertisers are finding custom printed Post-it® Notes from 3M attract attention, reinforce key sales messages and serve as a convenient takeaway reminder of the offers, which can ultimately improve response rates.
This concept enables Post-it® Notes to be tailored with your advertising message and automatically inserted into magazines, newspapers & direct mail pieces. This cuts down the cost of hand inserting the note, making it a very appealing process for any advertisers.

Product Details


Notes are supplied either fan-folded in boxes of 10,000 or on rolls of 5,000, please specify which you require when ordering.
White or Post-it® Yellow paper Only available.
Minimum order quantity is 20,000 notes.

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